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Chill out to jazz, roll into rock, boogy down to disco, or melt into classical. Whatever you and your Old Mate's taste in music, there'll surely be a gig or concert not too far away.

There are always lots of options to suit your budget: If you feel like splashing out on your Old Mate (and yourself), a professional touring artist is always guaranteed to impress - especially if you're in a bigger city. But, if you're looking for something cheaper, almost every local pub, mall or shopping centre will have some kind of free concert. Always keep an eye out for local talent, too: Emerging artists are not only cheap to see, but often really talented!

Make sure you also use this activity as an opportunity to introduce each other to a new style of music or artist.

Tip: If your Old Mate has limited mobility, then maybe check out another one of our recommended activities: Music Discography where you share your favourite music with each other at home.


  • Head down to your local pub and ask them when their next live band is.
  • Triple J Unearthed is a great way to discover emerging Aussie artists who might just be performing near you soon.
  • TimeOut has the latest on gigs and entertainment.
  • Ticketmaster is an especially handy one-stop-shop for tix if you're in a big city.


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