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An Old Mate's eyesight isn't always what it used to be. Reading the fine print of a novel can sometimes be challenging.

Therefore, reading a book to your Old Mate is a great way to bond, share an 'adventure', and is a great excuse to keep hanging out together. It's also a really flexible activity as it can be done via phone or skype in a pinch.

If you're someone who loves reading but is constantly saying 'Oh, I just never get around to it anymore' - this activity is also a great way to keep yourself accountable.

Reading to an Old Mate is a choice option for those who don't consider themselves the best conversationalists as the words are already taken care of for you.

Of course, make sure you and your Old Mate agree on a book together before you dive into a 1,000 page novel...


  • Why not begin with a classic? has a list of the 50 greatest books ever written.
  • Penguin Classics are available in most books stores (and online) at a really cheap price.
  • Most second hand stores (like St Vinnies) not only have a great range of pre-loved books, but are also charities that donate their profits back into community projects. So, you can feel extra good while getting a great deal.
  • In between your reading, your Old Mate might also enjoy Audiobooks as they're cheap and easily accessible.
  • Ask a friend what their favourite book is! Everyone has one, and it might just become you and your Old Mate's fave, too!
  • Join a local bookclub (websites like MeetUp are super useful for this). It's not only a great way to find new books, but is a great social connector, too!


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