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High Tea is a British tradition that takes having a cuppa and a snack to a whole other level of deliciousness.

Why is it called high tea? Well, a lot of people on the internet will argue over the true definition, but it typically refers to the consumption of a range of teas (or coffee), cakes, scones, finger sandwiches and tarts whilst sitting at a table (rather than a couch - hence the 'high' part of high tea).

In short, it's a fancy way to justify eating tasty treats (if you even need one).

You can create your own high tea at home, or you can find a cafe, restaurant or hotel that offers a high tea menu. Typically they're not super-cheap, but they're a delightful way to treat your Old Mate.


  • Google local high tea. Your chances of finding somewhere that does a proper high tea generally improves with the size of the city / town you're in.
  • Taste has compiled a range of high tea recipes if you want to host your own high tea at home.
  • This is an excellent activity to combine with Old Mate Double Date.


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