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Limited Mobility Friendly
Indoor Friendly
Outdoor Friendly
Mentally Stimulating
Cheap or Free


Who doesn't love puppies? And research shows animals can improve both physical and mental health of the humans around them (as if you needed an excuse).

This activity isn't limited to just puppies or dogs either. Most animals will suffice.

If you don't have a pet of your own, then get to social media to see if a friend or family member would let you borrow theirs for a few hours.

Longer term, your Old Mate may even consider getting a pet of their own - which can be great for companionship and mental health. Many older people don't consider buying pets due to the long-term commitment and may be concerned about what would happen should they fall ill. Therefore, you could help strategise a long-term plan with them (eg; you agree to take on the pet). There's always the option of mature-age pets that need a loving home from RSPCA, too.

Of course, double check to make sure your Old Mate doesn't have any allergies (or phobias) before submerging them in a sea of fur and legs.


If you're not yet on board with this as an activity, then let us emotionally blackmail you with the following images:

Look at them.



If you're a company who'd like to support this activity, please get in touch with us here.

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