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Sport gets the blood pumping and heart racing - and that's just as a spectator!

Sometimes getting to a live match or game isn't always easy: Whether it's accessibility, cost, location, or some other reason. So, a solid backup is watching sport from the comfort of your own home.

Whether it's one of the great Aussie classics like footy and cricket, sports like gymnastics and athletics, or competitions like lawn bowls and curling, there are a hundreds of options.

If you're not much of a sports fan, but your Old Mate is: Perfect! Use it as an opportunity for your Old Mate to teach you what they know.

We'd recommend starting off by asking your Old Mate which sports they like. Take some time to work out the best way to view it together and schedule some time together.

If the opportunity arises, you can migrate your sport watching on telly to real life with another #OLDMATE activity: Live Sporting Match.


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