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Working towards a specific goal is a great way to keep your Old Mate's motivation up - especially in between your visits.

Of course, your Old Mate's training goal is going to depend heavily on their existing level of fitness. For some Old Mates like this, an ambitious training goal like a marathon or triathlon might be realistic. For others, walking to the end of the block every day for a month might be ambitious enough.

The key is to start by setting small, short-term, easily achievable goals - as this will build confidence and motivation. Once the ball is rolling, it will be easier to set set more zealous goals.

This isn't a one-way street - set yourself a training goal, too (ideally of a similar theme)! This will keep you both accountable and it's a great way to stay in touch between visits!


  • Always talk to a physician before undertaking any strenuous physical activity with your Old Mate.


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