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Amongst your Old Mate's generation, it wasn't uncommon for men to take a back seat when it came to cooking or domestic duties. Especially if your Old Mate no longer has a partner, there may be room for improvement in their culinary skills.

Learning some basic recipes and becoming more proficient around the kitchen is a great way to boost their confidence and independence.

Even if your Old Mate is living somewhere with limited cooking facilities, you still have a great range of recipes to conquer.

Depending on your budget, you might also want to consider going to a cooking class.


  • To make things interesting, you and your Old Mate could have a good ol' fashioned cook off where your friends or family can judge who's feast is best!
  • There are more cooking websites than you can poke a stick at nowadays. Sites like Tasty and Tastemade are not only informative, but also video-based, so great for those visual learners who want to see what they're cooking.
  • If you want to start super basic, here are 58 simple one-minute recipes:


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