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Do you have a smartphone? Great - then you're all set. If not, ask to borrow a friend's for a few hours.

Whether it's an iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, whatever - if it has a camera and can download apps, then that's all you need to get started.

'Wait!' you might say. 'What do we make a movie about?'. Well, you have lots of options. It could be based on real life events (either famous, or from your own lives). Or, it could be fictional and you and your Old Mate's creativity can run wild.

There might be costumes, or props, or sets. You could make puppets. It could be a documentary with interviews. You could make sets. It might be small and only last a minute, or it could be a feature length masterpiece taking home the Oscar next year. Who knows!

The key is to not overthink it. Simply brainstorm some ideas over a coffee or tea (or perhaps something stronger) and just run with it. It might be terrible, but that's part of the fun!

Oh! When you share your movie with the world, make sure to both hashtag it #OLDMATE, and please please please email us the link as we'd love to share it with the world :)


  • Writers Digest have compiled their Top five ways to come up with a great story.
  • There are hundreds of 'How to make a movie on a smartphone' videos on the internet. To save you the 10 seconds of Googling, here's a video that not only gives some great tips on how to use your phone, but also an overview of some basic 'extras' you might want to consider:

  • If you want to edit your movie on the phone directly, there are myriad apps out there. Head over to Consumer Reports who have reviewed four free video apps.
  • If you'd prefer to edit your video on a laptop or desktop, again there are heaps of different programs you can use at varying price points. However, if you're looking for free options, PCs have Movie Maker and Macs come with iMovie.


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