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If dogs and elephants can paint, then you and your Old Mate can, too!

We know how many people like to say 'But, I can't draw!'. And you know what? That doesn't matter in the slightest! If you're not convinced, then take the following examples into account. We asked some our volunteers at Spur Projects to draw 'self portraits'. These are the, ummm, results:


So, now that we've established that everyone is an artist regardless of talent, let's talk logistics.

There are loads of ways you and your Old Mate can get your art on. Although your mind might drift towards traditional paint and canvas, consider the materials you might already have at home like pencil and paper, textas, charcoal, or even your tablet (ie; electronic tablet).


  • Mix things up by changing the 'rules' - like being blindfolded, pulling categories of things to paint out of a hat, speed rounds, etc.
  • Learn some drawing basics with the below tutorial by ShaeferArt:.

  • If you want to take you and your Old Mate's art skills, then check out our Art Class activity .


If you're a company who'd like to support this activity, please get in touch with us here.

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