Snorkelling or Scuba Diving


Random or Extreme


Outdoor Friendly
Physically Stimulating


Most Australians live within an hour's drive of the 30,000kms of coastline - and snorkelling or scuba diving in our pristine oceans is a uniquely Aussie treat.

If cheap and easy is what you're after, then snorkelling will be for you. Alternatively, if you have some money to spare and your Old Mate is physically fit enough, then scuba diving is the ultimate way to explore the magical underwater world.

If you've never been before, be careful, because it's highly addictive and you and your Old Mate will want to go time and time again. If your Old Mate does catch the bug, then they might want to consider getting certified.


  • This activity is, obviously, highly dependent on your Old Mate's physical health and requires the ability to swim.
  • As a highly physical activity we recommend your Old Mate consult a doctor before snorkelling or scuba diving.


  • Many aquariums offer diving experiences if you're after a more controlled environment than the ocean.
  • PADI is a great resource to find your nearest certified scuba diving location.


If you're a company who'd like to support this activity, please get in touch with us here.

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