Old Mate BBQ


Connection & Companionship


Outdoor Friendly
Long Activity


Anthony Bourdain once said; “A BBQ might not be the road to world peace, but it’s a start.” We tend to agree.

Whether you’re the kind of person to slap on some some steaks or a some veggie burgers - let’s whip out the tongs and get to BBQ’ing.

'Kiss the Cook' aprons are optional, but highly recommended.

Everyone has their own barbie style and their own secret to cooking the perfect snag, pattie or roast - and here’s your chance to pick up a few tips and tricks from your Old Mate. They’ve probably had a lot of practice at honing their own barbie skills.

Of course, BBQs are always more fun with more people, so invite friends, family and their Old Mates, too. Y’know, as long as they bring a plate, too.



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