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The Homeshare program connects older people with reliable volunteers who provide company, security and practical support around the home in return for accommodation (i.e. you live on their premises). The Homeshare program is available in Southern and Eastern Metropolitan regions of Melbourne.

Homeshare Volunteers might care for pets, cook, clean or assist with gardening and shopping – help that allows the householder to continue living independently in their own home. Homeshare Volunteers also contribute to household expenses such as utilities.

If you like the idea, but not entirely sure if it's for you, an introductory period also ensures each living arrangement meets the needs of both people. The program is run by Uniting who ensure ongoing support to all Homeshare arrangements. Uniting also provide a range of other social support programs for older people that enhance social connections, independence and wellbeing.

Wesley Mission Victoria has recently merged with Uniting Victoria Tasmania, you will be directed to the Wesley website)


This activity is obviously both supported by, and in support of, the legends at Uniting.

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