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100,000 Australians take action against suicide amongst the elderly

Men aged 80+ suicide at a rate higher than any other age group, and 100,000 Australians are pledging to change that.

#OLDMATE, a campaign launched by mental health charity Spur Projects, encourages people to take the public to spend at least one hour per month with an "Old Mate" in their life, with the aim of creating over 1.2 million volunteer hours over the next year to improve mental health.

Key contributing factors to poor mental health in the elderly are living with illness, isolation, and loss of independence. Spur Projects CEO Lee Crockford says #OLDMATE helps to break down these factors.

“As a community, we can all help increase connection, skilling and the mental wellbeing of our elderly relatives, friends and neighbours.”

Crockford is quick to add that participants don’t need to have any sort of mental health training to participate, as the recommended activities are informal and fun.

“Your Old Mate may have lost their partner who was the cook of household, So, this month you might choose the ‘Learn a new recipe’ activity.” The campaign website offers suggestions of nearly 70 activities specifically designed to reduce contributing factors to poor mental health.

Spur Projects is an Australian charity committed to reducing the rate of suicide in Australia through a range of bold and innovative preventative campaigns. Previous projects include “How is the World Feeling?” - the world’s largest ever, real-time mental health survey, and the internationally acclaimed “Soften the Fck Up”.

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Statistics - Proportion of Suicides

#OLDMATE - Statistics - Proportion of Suicides

Statistics - Number of Suicides per 100k

#OLDMATE - Statistics - Number of Suicides

Statistics - Contributing factors to poor mental health

#OLDMATE - Statistics - Contributing Factors

Activity Themes

#OLDMATE - Activity Themes

Activity - Old Mate Double Date

#OLDMATE - Activity - Old Mate Double Date

Activity - Board Games

#OLDMATE - Activity - Board Games

Activity - Coffee & Story

#OLDMATE - Activity - Coffee & Story

Activity - Donut & Walk

#OLDMATE - Activity - Donut & Walk

Activity - Lady Mate

#OLDMATE - Activity - Lady Mate

Activity - Learn a Recipe

#OLDMATE - Activity - Learn a Recipe

Activity - Skydiving

#OLDMATE - Activity - Skydiving

Activity - Swimming

#OLDMATE - Activity - Swimming

Activity - Volunteer

#OLDMATE - Activity - Volunteer

Activity - Make a Movie

#OLDMATE - Activity - Make a Movie